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When I was only 8,  I remember spending summer afternoons in the garage of our house working on a piece of wood or a log I had found in the forest. I also remember staring at an object, taking it apart, trying to find out how it was made.

This is me. A young craftswoman with a passion for design and manufacture of objects, making them out of natural materials with my own hands.

I have chased what has interested me, swinging from artistic subjects at school to technical subjects and succeeding in both fields. A perfect combination to enrich my knowledge of the world esthetics and functionality. At just the right moment I decided to get formal training in woodworking and was lucky enough to be accepted at the ‘‘The Chippendale International School of Furniture’, in Scotland. My workshop sprung to life in 2009, and with it, my very own business initiative.

The most important thing though, is not where I have come from but what is happening now and where I am heading for.  If you’d like a peek into the answers to these two questions, follow this link:

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