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Imagine a world without trees. Picture a world with no plants nor grass, barren and bare. Total emptiness.

We are free to make decisions, to choose, to prioritize. Each act has its consequences and these are often unknown. If we all try to do small great things, with respect and conscious of our actions, we might help with the regeneration of our world.

I believe in conscious action and this is why I choose with care and prioritize when deciding which materials to go for, taking into account their traceability, the impact on the environment, the social responsability in choosing these rather than other materials and my respect for the well-being of any animals involved or disturbed by this purchase.


The beauty of a finished object is as important as its physical make-up. The key is to study the ultimate function of each piece of furniture so as to detect strengths and weaknesses and thereby give maximum attention to the latter.

Pieces of furniture designed with time and dedication. Made to last and last. Made out of quality natural materials, chosen with care with each project in mind. The joints are thought out carefully so as to ensure that its daily use strengthens, rather than weakens, its funcionality.

With my heart beating and my mind working things out, my hands help to shape an imagined concept. Hands are magic, powerful, able to materialize what one’s mind hopes for. Hands can make something long before a machine is able to manufacture a similar design: the personal touch.

Each detail defines the character of the piece and makes it special. I admire each knot, each crack or split in the wood, each imperfection on the surface is a potential point to work on and to embellish enhancing its unique natural beauty.

Each tiny movement, each alteration in the shape or colour of wood, these are like little calls of attention to help us realize that it exists, that it is alive and that it feels the changes in temperature and surroundings just as we do. I care for wood as it deserves to be cared for and I respect the space it needs to move, adapt and transform itself as time goes by.


Love is the essence which unites us, that connects us with the world and our immediate surroundings. It is what makes us feel alive. This is what happens to objects that have been made with love, the piece comes alive, and from this new life a unique story is born that will last forever.

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